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Thursday, October 28, 2010


This is a wonderful mind reading effect that can be performed for a very large audience. All the necessary requirements to make it happen can easily be found in your kitchen.

The magician holds up a paper shopping bag which is sealed by a simple fold at the top. He explains that the bag contains a vegetable which is going to be used in a mind reading experiment. He sets the bag aside as he asks several members of the audience to call out the names of various
vegetables. As each vegetable is named, it is written on a slip of paper and the paper is folded and placed into a glass or bowl. After eight or ten slips of paper have been deposited in the container, the magician invites an audience member to reach into it and remove one of the slips. The
audience member is asked to unfold the paper and read aloud the name of the randomly chosen vegetable. He opens the paper and says, "Tomato." The magician has him open the bag to discover, much to his surprise, that it contains a tomato.

SECRET: This trick requires a shopping bag, a vegetable, and in this case a tomato, although you may use any vegetable, several small slips of paper, a pen or pencil, and a glass or bowl to act as a container. Place the vegetable in the bag, seal it with a fold, and you're ready to perform.

Hold up the bag and explain that it contains a vegetable that will be used as a prediction. Ask several audience members to call out the name of a vegetable. As each vegetable is called, you apparently write its name on a slip of paper. What you really do is write the word tomato on every slip of paper. Needless to say, it is important that you do not let anyone see what you actually write. Since the audience has no reason to think that you're writing the same thing on each slip, they will assume you're writing the name of each vegetable as its called out. The slips are dropped into your container and mixed-up.

Offer the container to an audience member, saying, "Reach inside, choose one of the slips of paper and, when you've done that, open it and read it aloud. After he names the vegetable, have him open the bag and remove the tomato to confirm that you have correctly predicted exactly what vegetable would be chosen.

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