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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Coin Across (Magic Video)

This is one of my first time trick. I learned this Coin Across about 12 or 13 years ago. Some of the people think this trick is too old, but I think it is still enjoyable. I like the effect where the coin across from one hand to another hand through the air.

Many magicians play coin across with their own way, some play with 4 coins, some with 6 coins, but I used to play with 8 coins. In Indonesia, this tricks used to be called "8 Dewa" or "8 of Gods" if we translate it in English.

If you are a magician, try a Coin Across routine in part of your show (close up show of course, such as table hoping and street magic), believe me it is simple but your audience will applause for you.

For you who are not a magician, please don't think too hard for the secret behind it and enjoy the show : )


  1. masih nggak ngerti yang bisa pindah itu. kalau trik yg terkahir pas satu koin hilang itu masih bisa dipikirkan

    1. Yaa... begitulah.. kalau dikasih tau caranya yang pas koinnya bisa pindah, jadi ga seru nanti.. hihihi...